Twinkling Drapes & Skirts

Twinkling Backdrops & Twinkling Table Skirts

We supply Twinkling Starlight Backdrop Drapes, Twinkling Starlight Top Table & Cake Table Skirts.

These drapes and skirts can twinkle in colour to match your colour scheme or you can have the classic white or warm white twinkle.

We have twinkling starlight drapes in a 9m as well as the 7m which are ideal to cover larger walls/divides and fantastic for the extra long top tables.

Our drapes and table skirts are fire retardant and have built-in subtle fiber-optic lights creating a soft elegant twinkle opposed to the heavy flashing LED options.

Chilworth Manor Twinkling Ceiling & Pillar Drape

We have manufactured a Twinkling Pillar and Ceiling drapes to dress the Coach House Suite at Chilworth Manor.
Please call for more details.

Marwell Hotel Twinkling Pillar & Ceiling Drapes

Made to measure twinkling pillar and ceiling drapes for the Oakwood & Maple Thorpe Suites at Marwell Hotel.

Curtain Drapes

Curtain drapes cover existing venue curtains that may clash with your theme or curtains that just aren’t to your taste.

Curtain drapes also help brighten a room and are tied with a colour co-ordianting sash.